Coniston Water

Coniston Water is in #Cumbria in the #LakeDistrict, in 1967 it was a scene of tragedy as Donald Campbell died in his machine called Bluebird while attempting the water speed record  he was 46 there is a brewery  that is based in Coniston  that brews an ale called Bluebird Bitter

Coniston Water is the 3rd largest #lake in England after #Windermere  and #Ullswater, the lake drains into the sea by the river Crake, the lakes deepest point is 184 feet it covers an area of 189 square miles it has an elevation of 143 feet above sea level, half a mile wide and 5 miles long, the #Cumbriaway goes along the shores

The lake sits in a u shaped glaciated  valley scoured by a glacier in the last ice age the highest #Mountainin thee area is #theoldmanofconiston at a height of 803 meters from the summit there are great views to the lake the area is associated with John Ruskin, there are  alot of great walks in the area to get to know the area better book onto our guided walk up the Old Man Of Coniston on the 25th April of even better our  #guidedwalkingholiday along the Cumbria way  on 25th-31st July or 25th September-1st October go to


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