what to do in an emergency

Accidents happen in the great outdoors no matter how well prepared you are or how experienced you are, if you get into serious trouble and need help then you call mountain rescue, here is what to say/do

Call 999 and ask for police then Mountain Rescue

Give them the location ideally a grid reference

Name, gender and age of casualty

Nature of injuries  or emergency

Number of people in party

mobile number so they can contact you

Your mobile needs to be fully charged before you set out but do not count on it the reception in mountain areas is not good, also check the weather forecast and have the right kit and tell some one where you are going and is possible leave a route, a good thing to have on your phone is OS locate that is an app that will bring your grid reference up, so if you are by yourself and your mobile does not work and you need help you need to attract attention you can shout for help or use a torch so that would be six short flashes  in quick succession repeated at one minute intervals, you can blow on a whistle following the same procedure also the person you have told or left a route card before you go arrange a predetermined time for you to phone to say your of the hill and if they do not hear from you for them to call for help but give some lee way as the walk might take longer if you in a group give the person first aid keep them warm and comfy as much as possible one person stays with the injured person and people go for help it there is no mobile phone signal, if there is only 2 of you then and there is no mobile phone signal   then if possible put the injured person in the recovery position make sure they are warm then go for help i also would leave a note with the injured person if there any passer-by’s then they can read the note and see what has happened  they might stay until help comes and always know how to navigate using a map and compass Wharfedale Three Peaks Challenge Walk