what to consider before setting out on a walk

Before setting out on a walk you will need to think about the following

What is the Weather Forecast?

Before you set out you need to get a weather forecast  for the area you are going to walk and then you can plan a route you need to know if there will be rain if so the time, cloud base, how warm/cold and how windy the best sites are Met office mountain area forecast and Mountain information service if the weather forecast was for high winds it would be no good doing an exposed route like Striding Edge or if the weather came in earlier then expected then you can a just your route accordingly

Do I have the right Skills?

  1. Having the skills is really important as they could save yourself from getting into trouble, the most important skill is know how to use a map and compass, if the weather comes in you could find yourself stranded at a top of mountain, always stay within your capabilities it would be no good doing a more adventurous route like Jacks Rakes or if some one has an accident have you the knowledge to know what to to?   If you go walking in the winter do i have the winter skills like self arrest using an ice axe, doing a walk in the Summer and doing a walk in the winter which requires extra skills

Do i have the right kit?

Having the right kit is very important and is  life saving and you do not want to venture out                 then it starts raining and then discover you have no waterproofs  also if you go out in winter                 then you need extra kit like a Ice axe  One of the most important things is a map and compass           never leave home with out those

If you carry the right kit the more you will get out of the day 3 Peaks Challenge