What to wear when going for a walk

Wearing the right clothes when going out walking is essential  to enjoying the day out and being comfy you need to choses clothes that are comfy and will keep you dry and choose wicking fabric that will wick moisture away from your  skin and have a layer system so you can add or take of layers depending on how cold/warm you are you need clothes that will keep you warm and dry

Base layer choose a wicking fabric  you can choose to have a long or short layer avoid cotton  as this will soak up the sweat and take ages to dry

Middle layer often synonymous with  fleece so a fleece jumper will keep you warm

Outer layer depending on the weather  then a fleece jacket would do but this would not be waterproof or wind proof but you can carry a jacket in your rucksack that is waterproof and windproof

Trousers these need to be comfy and quick drying and allow for plenty of movement avoid denim, these trousers would not be waterproof  so you need to carry waterproof trousers to go over your trousers if it rains

Socks chose thick socks

Boots theses need to be well worn in with good ankle support avoid trainers/shoes

All good outdoor shops have a selection of clothing one of the best shops is Mountain WarehousePub Walks