Cross Fell

Cross Fell is the highest point outside the Lake District at 893 metres high if it was in the Lakes it would be the 8th highest #mountain, Cross Fell is also the highest point in the Pennines and the highest point of the #pennineway the #nationaltrail #longdistancepath , Cross Fell has the largest  single area of land over 800 meters, snow has been known to lie on the mountain for 140 days a year it has more snowy days then some #LakeDistrict Mountains, near the summit 3 of England’s major rivers rise they are Wear, Tyne and Tees, in times gone by is was associated with Demons and was know as Fiends Fell Because of the wind Know as the Helm which is exclusive to Cross Fell  and is the only named wind in England, Because of the topography it creates wind the area is characterised by strong winds, during an occurrence of the Helm a heavy bank of cloud that sits on the summit or just above and blows down the  Western slopes of Cross Fell, In bad weather it is a serious place to find yourself i can speak from experience, Just recently Penrith  Mountain Rescue Team that covers the area has been called out 5 times in recent months and the area is becoming its primary area for its accidents , over Cross Fell Summit the path is indistinct people can find themselves in long uninhabited valleys, marshy ground and peat hags

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