What to pack in your rucksack

Ever wondered if you are carrying the right kit for a day out walking in the mountains, well here is a run down, everything you carry in your rucksack needs to go into a drybag so when it rains your kit stays dry the rucksack is not waterproof

A forty litre rucksack should be big enough, ideally your rucksack should have a hip belt so the hips take the weight of your shoulders and a chest strap

First aid kit to deal with any accidents, i also would include blister plasters

Personal medication

Map and compass you can carry these in a map case i would carry a spare compass and map

mobile phone that is fully charged up along with emergency contact details

Credit card/money

Food/water/hot drink and emergency rations

Survival bag/ group shelter

Spare laces just in cases your laces snap

Duck tape/pen knife

Spare warm clothes/socks

Sun Cream, Sun hat, Sun glasses

waterproof jacket/ waterproof trousers

Hat/gloves i would carry spares

Emergency whistle

Head torch i would carry a spare one along with spare batteries


This list is for summer for winter then you need to carry extra equipment/kit