Fell Top Assessors

The Lake District Fell Top Assessors are back for the winter season, there are three fell top assessor’s who work alternate shifts walking up to the summit of Helvellyn everyday , they make a detailed report that include snow depth, temperature, wind speed/chill, underfoot conditions and assess potential avalanches, the report can be found on weather line and is combined with the Met Forecast to give a fullest possible picture, the service has been going for 34 years. Helvellyn was chosen as it is the most popular mountain in the Lake District and has the largest East facing head wall that retains snow and ice

If you head out ask yourself three questions

Do I have the right gear?

Do I know the weather forecast?

Do I have the right knowledge and skills?

You will need to carry a ice axe and crampons, remember the mountains will always be there for another day it is better to be safe